Tears of the Ancients

100 years and not a day longer

The adventurers traveled into Yarrin, welcomed by a city celebrating a harvest moon and the 100th anniversary of the town's founding. After narrowly avoiding a scuffle created by Runt, Odafin and Runt tried to enter into a tug-o-war competition, but were quickly interrupted by an odd occurrence of roots entangling their feet. Once cleared of the bramble, the heroes and townsfolk thought it better to make their way into the local tavern/inn as the sun was setting. Drinking turned into a drinking competition, leaving most of the heroes unaware to the fire that was set to the town. When Sunray tried to warn everyone, two kobolds appeared at the door to block escape from the tavern. Though the kobolds were quickly dispatched, when the heroes exited the tavern they discovered that they were completely surrounded and that a person had been kidnapped. Unfortunately, the heroes were not able to the get the person in time. Once it was clear that the they had got what they wanted the remaining kobolds ran leaving the heroes, and the townsfolk, surrounded by smoldering rubble…. after one hundred years to the day, this simple town was no more. 

6 Kobolds dead
100xp each

Stranger Makes Music History at Yarrin Fest
Journal of Kilmer - Entry #1

Who was that guy?  No one can know for sure, but he was certainly handsome.  

Hours into the annual Yarrin Fest, a bold traveler joined our local drum corps in fresh renditions of local favorites stunning the crowd.  His brilliantly moving fingers showed a musical prowess that this reporter can describe as nothing short of divine.  Women swooned, men wept, and babies learned to walk, hypnotized by those miraculous melodies.  

Unfortunately for us, no scheduling record of the surprise performance exists.  Cindy, the Yarrin Fest event planner was, as usual, unavailable for comment. 

In unrelated news, some kobolds came out of the forest to burn our city down.  

A festival in Yarrin
Intro to the campaign

It's the 100th annual harvest festival in Yarrin and the night promises to have good food, fun, and drink under the bright harvest moon! What brings you as a traveler to the city?  A chance to meet new people over a few ales? A chance to show off in the various competitions? Or just passing through?

Players should have their own reasons for coming to town and may (or may not) know the other PCs. I'll leave that to the discretion of the player. However, I'm not a huge fan of metagaming so if you don't have an introduction in game, it's likely your characters don't know each other.


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